Faveo Helpdesk
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Original author(s)Bhanu Pratap Singh Slathia
Developer(s)The Faveo Development Team
Initial release2015
Written inPHP Laravel Framework
TypeTrouble Ticket System
LicenseOpen Software License v3.0
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Faveo is an open source software ticket based support system built on the PHP based Laravel framework. The word Faveo comes from Latin, and means "to be favourable". It provides businesses[1][2] with an automated helpdesk system to manage customer support.[3] It has an inbuilt knowledge base for self-service by the customer.

The open source version is available for free download on GitHub, with plugin modules available to extend and expand its core functionality, including ResellerClub integration, Envato integration, LDAP authentication, MSG91 SMS integration, and Facebook social login.

Auto install Faveo using softaculous, AMPPS or Fantastico

Faveo is being used in various industries such as manufacturing, health care, web hosting, IT and NGOs.[4]

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